Hi, my name is Onur Alakas.

I am experienced in the fields of sport coaching and sports marketing.


Being in the sports world for over 34 years has given me a tremendous amount of joy and enthusiasm, and I would like to share the same passion with you. My mission is to help  you to improve the quality of your life through sports, regardless of where you are at the moment, and also to increase your positivity and self-confidence.


My goal is not to make athletes out of everybody, but to better the quality of your personal and work life through moving, lifting your spirits and bringing a positive attitude.


Our goal is to help people to get moving by providing an environment where everybody feels at home, and at the same time, increase their physical condition or improve any area of their exercise routine. We are doing this, because we want everybody to feel success, as an individual or as a group, to see improvements, and to increase the quality of their life.



We improve the marketing and visibility of sports organizations as well as develop their brands. Together we will build playbooks for marketing, brand and visibility, which all include a concrete action plan for execution of traditional and social media marketing, and also a plan for the future. As part of the service we effectively use the data that we gather (such as attendance and the marketing possibilities in your area) and gather new data if necessary. We will develop systematic approach to find the right partners for you, as well as increasing attendance at your events.

Are you in need of inspiring speaker for your event? We offer customized lectures and seminars to sport teams, organizations and businesses. Our speakers include experienced current or former top athletes with who cover topics such as self-motivation, working towards your goals and injury prevention. For sport teams and organizations we also offer sport specific lectures, nutrition/diet education and lectures about what to consider outside of sports performance.

Work health & wellness is very important to us. We offer 10 week to yearly health & wellness coaching packages for businesses. Coaching will take place either at your premises or in a sport facility to suit your needs. We also offer personalized health & wellness planning for your employees.

Whether you are a beginner or a top level athlete, we’ve got you covered. The coaching includes condition testing, mobility coaching and sport conditioning coaching to maximize your performance. The packages can be modified to include personal condition coaching.

The purpose of this package is to increase your condition, to improve your diet as well as to prevent from injuries that may occur during your training.

It also includes personal wellness services. Condition coaching includes personal development training so that you achieve your personal goals and mobility training.

Alakas Oy organizes and develops sport camps in many sports. The camps are usually developed and implemented together with a team or an organization to accommodate their or the athletes’ needs. The camp packages include private sport camps as well as conditioning camps.



"Training with Onur has been extremely fun"


April 10, 2017

“We tripled our game attendance after we partnered with Alakas Oy”


Aug 14, 2018

“The health and wellness of our employees is really great, thanks to Onur and his team!”


 March 1, 2018



Hakalantie 85

04380 Tuusula

Puh. 040 562 0842


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